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Ancient China

Ancient Chinese culture is one of the oldest and the most complex culture in human civilization. It is made up of different dynasties and it is one of the earliest centers of human civilization. The ancient Chinese has been a source of great inventions and technological advancement. It has made a remarkable history in the Chinese culture by developing the art of writing and with great developments like gunpowder, compass, silk, paper, printing etc.

The architectural designs of ancient China remain as a unique part of their cultural heritage. The Great Wall of China stands as an epitome to the architectural designs of ancient China. It has also made a notable contribution in the Chinese traditional clothes and to the food culture. The designs of embroidery works on the clothes of Ancient Chinese culture remain as unique features in the Chinese culture. The ancient Chinese food culture has led to the development of traditional Chinese medicine and introduced proper dinning etiquettes in its food culture. The arts of the ancient Chinese also represent the uniqueness of the Chinese culture.

The ancient China has its own religious practices and customs. The three religious teachings of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have a great influence in the lives of the ancient China. The ancient Chinese has made a notable and significant contribution to its culture and it explore the richness of its culture.

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