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Tang Dynasty

The Tang dynasty was established by emperor Gaozu - Li Yuan with its capital at Chang'an. It was founded in 618 with its final decline in 907 and ruled China for nearly 300 years. The period is known as the glorious revolution in the history of China. It is because its politics, military strength, culture and economy reached a great height. Historians regard it as the strongest empire of the eight century.

The tang dynasty was a period of progress and stability. Society of Tang dynasty was based on the system of class and status. The emperor was at the top and beneath him were the council of states, military affairs and censorate. Political system was well established and systems of examination were based on Confucianism. Systems of tax were revised to base tax on the number of people in the family instead of the land. The system brings a major development in its southern part. The establishment of strong and centralized administrative system brought together the aristocratic clan of all regions. Tang dynasty is considered as the second greatest dynasty because it brings the vast territory under one rule and spread its culture to the surrounding states and people.

The period marked tremendous development of agricultural tools like chain with paddles, harrow and rice field plough. As a result, agricultural products like rice increase and made good contributions in their economic growth. Goods like jade, silks, tea, porcelain and spices were traded in this period. It also showed an advance stage in science and development of various types of weapons like handheld, long range and defenses. The greatness of Tang dynasty is further enhanced with its unique inventions like compass, gunpowder and silk. It is also a period of literacy. The use of block print enables in spreading education to the masses.

Tang dynasty was a period of great prosperity and achievements. It is considered as a golden age in the field of literature, Buddhism and sculpture. Literally, works like poetry reached its glory in this period. Buddhism enjoys popularity and new translators of Buddhist scriptures developed during this era. The practice of Buddhism enables to link Chinese civilization to a vast religious communities. People of Tang dynasty also worship their ancestors and Taoism forms an important part of their religious beliefs.

The centralized government, economic growth, religious tolerance and technological advancement make it a point to reach great heights. With all great achievements and inventions, tang dynasty is indeed one of the greatest empires in Chinese history. China was exposed to the world during the reign of Tang dynasty.

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