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Mythology of Ancient Chinese Culture

Ancient Chinese culture is one of the earliest centers of human civilization and it is one of the oldest and complex cultures in the world. Ancient Chinese believed that they are deeply related with mythical creatures like phoenix and dragon. These mythical creatures occupy an important part in the Chinese cultural festivals.

Dragon is associated with supreme power and it symbolizes high-ranking people in Ancient Chinese culture. It is considered as the god of thunder, rain, rainbows and stars and believed to possessed power that can influence the lives of the

people. The increasing popularity of dragons makes the emperors in the feudal society to compare themselves with dragons and they adopt it as a symbol of imperial majesty. The appearance of dragon has undergone many changes and it adds to the beauty and power of the mythological creature.

The symbols of dragon were an important part of attire for the emperors in ancient China. Dragon made its appearance in different colors like black, white, yellow, blue or red. People are seriously punished if they attire clothes with symbols of dragon on it. However, emperors generally preferred the yellow dragon with huge decorations. The main symbolical meaning of all the different colors of dragon remains the same. Dragon is also associated with auspicious number like nine and with earthly elements like water.

Chinese considers phoenix as a symbol of power, grace, virtue and prosperity. Phoenix symbolizes Empress in ancient Chinese culture and it is often paired with dragon. The pairing of dragon and Phoenix reflects the pairing of the Emperor and Empress in Chinese culture. The symbol of phoenix was use for different purpose in Chinese culture. A house with the decoration of Phoenix symbolizes loyalty and honesty of the people living in the house. Jewelry with the design of Phoenix was reserved only for people of great value in the society and this is because it exposes the high moral values of the person.

The Feng symbolizes the male Phoenix and Huang symbolizes the female phoenix. The combination of male and female phoenix symbolized a perfect harmony of Yin and Yang in Chinese Culture. It is considered as an immortal birth with the power of rising from the ashes after death. The basic five elements in Chinese culture correspond to the five fundamental colors of the feathers of Phoenix. The phoenix is also known as "FengHuang" and symbolizes virtue and devotion. It is an important mythical bird of the ancient Chinese culture.

The Combination of the two mythical creatures symbolizes happiness and married love. The importance of dragon and phoenix in Chinese culture is displayed through dragon Boat festival and phoenix dance in Chinese culture.

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