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Communication in Chinese Business Culture

China is one of the most popular countries in the world having its own unique ethics and culture. Chinese style of communication widely differs from the western style. Chinese are very much concern to present themselves publicly. The Business world in china has to follow its set norms of communication. It plays a key factor in their business world.

Language is one of the major concerns while doing business with Chinese. It is difficult to communicate with Chinese without the knowledge of their language. Chinese is widely used as a business language. Therefore, the business talk in

Chinese tends to be slow and seems to be somewhat laborious.

The Chinese normally starts to communicate with a light handshake. It is the common practice especially for communication in the Chinese business world. The greeting should be with eyes focused on the ground as it creates an impression of honor and respect to the other person. They also avoid eye contact in face-to-face interaction. The hands should not grip the other person in a tight manner. This is so because; it is taken as a breach in their relation and a sign of disrespect. It is always good to communicate by using their surnames or honorific titles in doing business with the Chinese.

The Chinese gives a lot of importance to the non-verbal communication as a part of their communication. Many meanings are attached to the non-verbal communication. They generally express their feelings through facial expression, voice tone and body posture. The Chinese considers frowning as an indication of disagreement. An impassive expression is necessary in the conversation. The Chinese avoids eye-to-eye contact as it creates a sense of disrespect to keep starring someone's eye for a long time. It should be kept in mind to avoid rubbing your eyes in front of another person as it corresponds to the meaning on "Shame to you".

Chinese communicates their feelings of embracement through a smile on their face. Sometimes, it is interpreted in a wrong way by the westerners. It is also advised not to wink eyes at the time of doing business deal. Chinese considers it as rude behavior of the person.

The Chinese communicates their expression of disagreement by phrases like "yes, it might be difficult" and "Yes, probably". The idea has a close relation with their cultural meanings. They find hard to reciprocate with the word "No" and this is because it cause a feeling of shame and loss of face. They always have the tendency to reply the negative idea in an indirect manner. The Chinese are impassive in nature. They have a limited use of visual body language. This creates an impression to the westerners that Chinese lack a sense of emotion or responsiveness.

It is very important to understand that non-verbal communication have significant meanings in the Chinese business world.

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