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Woman in Chinese Business Culture

The Culture of Chinese history has treated the woman as a section that belongs to the lower strata of society. She is not given importance in society. The emergence of the communist society in 1949 led to tremendous development of the woman in Chinese society. Woman in China began to contribute to an important part in the society. They enjoy equal position at the work place. They are also treated as equal to man by the law of the land.

There are certain rules and regulations for woman especially for those who contribute their part to the corporate world. A woman in the

corporate world should act and dress in a formal manner. They are supposed to follow a strict and a conservative dress code at their work place. They generally dressed in conservative suits or blouse with a high neckline. They are not allowed to wear sleeves attire or clothes made of sheer material. The clothes should not be of revealing type as it is considered offensive in the Chinese business world. Even the skirts should be below the knees and not above. They should wear footwear of low heels or flat one.

Chinese women generally take high positions like president, director, general manager and so on. They play an important part in making up half of the development of the country. A fine example of such woman is "Wu Xiaoling" who is the deputy governor, she is also among the 14 ministers, and vice ministers under the state council. However, in contrast to this, women are discriminated on certain applications for certain kinds of jobs. The simple reason for this is for the fear that the woman will leave her job after getting married.

A woman in the business world has certain taboos that need to be maintained in the business world. It is not allowed for a woman to smoke in gatherings like at banquets and at parties. They are allowed to accept alcohol but they should take a sip and leave the remaining. They should act politely and be presentable in the most humble manner.

The foundation of "The Global federation of Chinese business women" in 1980 by Chou Wen Chi enables the Chinese business woman her business chances. The motives of the federation also bring the Chinese woman to a higher level of competition. It makes them improve their skill of competition and gain a large public interest. The federation brings a new opportunity to the business woman in China. The guidelines of the federation help the Chinese woman face the challenge more courageously and bravely. The federation helps the woman occupy a great place in the international business world. The Federation provides loans especially to women for improving their business.

It is clear that in the Chinese Business world, the contribution of women in the economic development of the country is no less than that of a man. The relationship between finance and businesswomen becomes similar in the business world. They contribute to a significant amount in the corporate world.

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