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One of the most striking features of human life is the extra ordinary diversity of ways of living it. This diversity in the ways of living has been shaped up by Culture. The Question of "What is culture" occupies our mind when we talk about the diversity .our assumption continues for culture has been interpreted in different ways by different people.

To make the concept of culture more clear and vivid let us discuss some brief idea by analyzing the" culture" of the Chinese people. The Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest and most complex cultures in Human

civilization. China is a united multi-ethnic nation characterized by the peaceful co-existence of 56 ethnic groups. It always encouraged people of different ethnic groups to live in one region but still retain their unique ethnic characteristics.. The traditional cultural identity has a close association with the family name. They followed a language, which is a mixture of both the old Chinese and Middle Chinese. The common language adopted is named as the Vernacular language, which can be easily read by the common people.

The Chinese marked themselves as a great symbolist when it comes to religion and traditions. Their religious identity is a combination of four traditions religion. The traditional clothing reflects the Chinese people's ancient way of life both in elegance and in internal symbolism. Many traditional festivals are observed to mark their traditional spirits. Their religion is marked with a high philosophical note. Arts and literature too contribute a greater part in making the rich cultural heritage. Their art conveys a deep message both in terms of life and in terms of entertainment. The Phoenix is used in literature as a symbol of death and resurrection.

Chinese dance can be classified into two forms-traditional and modern dance. Folk dance is an important form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. Some of the Chinese Traditional dance includes Ribbon dance, silk fan dance, sword dance and feather fan dance .Ribbon dance is usually performed by females using sharp, rhythmic movements and with long colorful ribbons. The modern Chinese form of dance is marked with a heavy influence of western dance form. Its style is marked with body expressions and movements with open mind. It is a combination of live music and dance.

The Chinese cultural festival is an important part of the Chinese culture. Many cultural festivals have its origin during the Qin Dynasty. The cultural festival passed on the stage from primitive sacrifice, taboo and mystery to a more entertaining form. The cultural festivals in Chinese are celebrated with the greeting of new hopes, new life and a better time ahead. It adds flavor to the rich cultural heritage of china.

The Chinese culture is marked with continuity and has remained essentially homogeneous. Their cultural roots marked their unique ethnic characteristics. It is because of these aspects, which mark as one of the great cultural heritage in the world. It is still a land, which treasures great traditions and cultural values.

Dance, festivals and costumes comproses culture of any community. So find out in detail information about Chinese costumes, dances, and festivals given below.

Chinese Dances: Includes the unique dance forms of China like dragon dance, lion dance, ribbon dance, sword dance, peacock dance, chinese classical dance, chinese folk dances, chinese religious dance and many other.

Chinese Festivals: Festivals of China includes spring festival, ghost festival, lantern festival, qingming festival, mid-autumn festival, winter solstice festival, valentine day and many other.

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