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Costume of Chinese is an important part of their culture with a history of more than three thousand years. Each dynasty in China has their own style and pattern of dressing and their costumes is a fine example of their work of art. The different costumes communicate a rich vitality of Chinese culture. The Chinese costume is wonderful creation of art and it has a deep relation with its culture.

Chinese clothes make a remarkable place in its history as well as in the culture of each dynasty. The costumes were based on the status of the person in the society and a lot of importance is maintained on the design of embroidery works. Chinese clothing associates a lot of meaning with the color of the clothes. They prefer to wear clothes the dark color ones as compared to the bright clothes. The attire of the emperors in each dynasty has their have their own specific color and importance. The Chinese have mastered the art of coordinating the colors of clothes and the combination shows the external elegance with deep internal meaning.

Chinese costumes are part of the beauty and elegance of its culture. Different costumes are designed for different occasions and it presents a deliberate picture of its rich traditions. Costume of China is a unique composition of their culture. The styles, patterns and importance of clothes have been maintained until the present day. Clothing style of the present China shows combination of the traditional ideas and modern ideas. Their costumes reflect different patterns and social history of the Chinese. Colorful costumes of different Chinese dynasty add beauty to its culture, which remains an inseparable part of the Chinese culture. Chinese costumes with combination of color, variety and meanings add to the cultural significance of the Chinese.

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