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Chinese Wedding Cake

Chinese wedding cake is a symbol of the happy announcement of the wedding for the couples. The marriage is fixed after a formal meeting between two families. Families send the wedding cakes to their friends and relatives along with the wedding invitation. The Chinese wedding cake is known as "Double happiness cakes". This is because the Chinese believe that good things should always come in double number in their culture. The wedding cake is a part of sending out the happy message of wedding to their relatives and guest.

Chinese wedding cake is an important part in traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. The groom family presents the cake to the bride family as a gift of proposal. The Bride family offers some of the cake to worship their ancestors and send out the rest of the cake to their relatives and friends with the wedding invitation. The amount of cakes to be distributed depends on the relationship of the family with the guest or relatives and the seniority of the guest.

A special kind of Chinese wedding cake is the "Dragon and Phoenix" cake. This cake is designed with the print of dragon and phoenix on its surface. It is an important symbol in Chinese culture because it symbolizes harmony and balanced relationship between male and female. There are also varieties of cakes that are filled with red bean paste or green bean paste and with lotus seed paste. The cakes are specially designed in huge size with a number of layers for the wedding reception. Wedding cakes are generally red in color because of its cultural belief of red as associated with happiness and prosperity.

Chinese wedding cakes have different flavors with different colors. It can take the shape of square, box or in three layers with attractive red colors. The three layer wedding cakes are decorated with beautiful flowers and with many details. There are also strange looking wedding cakes, for e.g. the phantom of the opera cake. It is a single layer cake and it can be in colors of white, reddish and black. The varieties of cakes communicate a one message to the people that is the happy announcement of the wedding.

Chinese give utmost importance to wedding cake and because of China wedding cake has gain popularity worldwide. Cakes are not just used to invite guests but they also have a special appearance on wedding day. The wedding cakes show the uniqueness of their special wedding day. It is said the wedding cake marks the beginning of celebration of traditional Chinese wedding.

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