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Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Chinese wedding ceremony and celebration is filled with memorable events and symbolic meanings. Chinese wedding ceremony is an event to celebrate with an open heart and the observance of the ceremonial rituals adds to the joyous occasion of the day.

Close friends and relatives of the couple's family attend the wedding ceremony. Tea ceremony and cake cutting is an important part of the wedding ceremony. The bride offers tea to her in laws before and after the formal ceremony. A special person is engaged to give a warm welcome speech and it is followed by

the cake cutting ceremony. The cake cutting is a part of the reception. The bride and the groom feed a piece of cake to each other keeping their arms entwined with each other. The bride and the groom offer the cake to their parents and grand parents.

The groom is dressed up by his parents on the wedding day. He comes at the house of the bride with gifts of cash wrapped in a red envelope. This gift is especially given to the bride's friends in exchange of the bride. The couple serves tea to both of their parents and kneels before them as a sign of taking permission. The bride and the groom then proceed to tie the wedding knot.

An important feature of Chinese wedding ceremony is to remember the ancestors and to pay respect to the family members. Chinese wedding ceremony is more of the coming of two families together than just the union of the bride and groom. An altar is decorated with white flowers to honor the dead ancestors. Two altars can also be placed in front of the bride and the groom. They kneel before the altars to help them come together. The family members joined with the bride and the groom to symbolize the union of the two families.

The wedding reception is the most significant part in a Chinese wedding ceremony. A number of musical instruments are played and a host of reception is hired to entertain the wedding guest. The groom family takes charge in the arrangement and in organizing the reception party. The Wedding reception includes all the special delicacies of Chinese cuisines. The guest presents cash gifts to the newly wed couples. A grand reception in Chinese wedding ceremony includes nine to ten course of meal and with a full musical entertainment.

Chinese wedding ceremony also includes elaborated decorations in every corner of the wedding place. Dragon and phoenix are the two most important symbols in Chinese wedding. Red flowers, red table linens and red ribbons are some of the decorative piece of Chinese wedding ceremony that adds to the brightness of the occasion. The selection of wedding dress also marks an important occasion of Chinese wedding ceremony.

Chinese wedding ceremony involves a number of events and rituals and it remains as a significant part in the wedding ceremony. It is still observed in the present day and it adds to the glory of the special day.

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