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Cuisines in Chinese Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Chinese wedding is not just a matter of exchanging rings but it is also a time to eat good food. Chinese show the richness of their culture by presenting various types of dishes in the wedding

A number of foods are served on the day having symbolic meanings like fertility, longevity and happiness. The roast pig is an important wedding cuisine in province like Hubei and Guangdong. The Cuisine is sent to the brides parents by the groom's parents on the third day after the wedding ceremony. It is a highly symbolic food because it shows the warm acceptance and feeling of pleasure of their newly daughter in law.

Soups made of egg are an important cuisine in the Chinese weddings ceremony. The soup is served to the groom at his arrival in the brides place on the wedding day. This contains a soft unbroken boil egg and breaking of an egg by groom symbolizes that now bride is leaving her home. An interesting fact of the food is that sometimes the brides' mother placed a hard-boiled egg making the groom a little harder to break it.

The unity and strength of the family is symbolized by a cuisine made of pig heart. On the day of the wedding, the bride prepared a soup of pig heart with other ingredients especially for her in laws. The food shows the warm and tender feelings of the bride for it carries the meaning of "all of one heart". Cuisines like Peking duck and lobster is not only famous in all Chinese regions for it taste but it is an important wedding cuisines. The color of the food "Red" symbolizes the feeling of joy and happiness of the occasion. The serving of the Cuisine with its whole body i.e. with heads and legs symbolizes a complete and a happy life.

Special cuisines made of fruits and nuts are served as a special cuisine in Chinese weddings. The bride is offered with a variety of dates and chestnuts in a plate with a cup of refreshing tea in her mothers in law house to symbolize a wish of many children and good fortune. Cuisines of fish are served to symbolize a life of togetherness and prosperity to the married couples. Foods of red in color are a rich part of Chinese wedding banquet because it symbolizes luck. Fruits like apples also add meaning to the occasion as it symbolize a wish of peace and harmony.

Chinese cuisines are an important part of different cultural occasions and it different meanings are associated to the foods. Different cuisines have different cultural significance and it is an inseparable part of their culture.

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