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Double Happiness in Traditional Chinese Weddings

"Double happiness", is one of the most important symbols in traditional Chinese weddings. This symbol is use in the Chinese wedding cards. The symbol of double happiness is important in both the traditional and contemporary Chinese wedding celebrations. This symbol is printed on the wedding invitation cards by using a golden hot stamp. It symbolizes the declaration that the bride and the groom are soon to be united into a couple. The symbol is made by making use of two standard forms of Chinese characters. The integration of the two characters gives the idea happiness, which means that the couples will be united with their families forever and ever.

This symbol has one interesting story. A student from the Tang dynasty is the hero of this story. Once, this boy suddenly fell ill just before his final examination on his way to the city. An herbalist doctor and his daughter helped him and soon afterwards, they fall in love with each other. Before the boy proceeds to the capital city, the girl wrote a part of the rhyming couplet on a piece of paper to test if the boy was really her perfect match.

He performed excellent in the examination and the emperor of the region pleased with his performance. The emperor gave a couplet to the boy and asked him to complete it. But, the amazing thing was that the part of emperor's couplet was the missing part of his lover's couplet. So, happily he completes the emperor's couplet and comes back to him. The emperor appoints the boy as one of his ministers. He recites the remaining half of the couplet before the girl and they finally got married. The couple wrote the character "XI" and posts it on the wall. Ever since from that day, it became a popular symbol of "Double happiness" in traditional Chinese weeding.

The Chinese wedding invitation is a symbol of Double happiness in Chinese wedding ceremony. They are printed in black, white, yellow, blue and red colors. Chinese wedding make use of famous Chinese Characters like a dragon and a phoenix that symbolizes man and woman in Chinese culture. The wedding card with this particular symbol symbolize the perfect pair of the soon- to- be married couple. Another popular character of Chinese wedding invitation is the symbol of "Ji". It symbolizes a pair of Chicken and the wedding invitation with a pair of chicken signifies a wish of good fortune for the couple.

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