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The beginning of Chinese classical dance can be date back to 5,000 years ago. It is a result of the reorganized, refined and reworked of the art form to achieve towards perfection. Chinese classical dance is a unique dance heritage inspired with its rich cultural heritage.

Chinese classical dance has its form of training, well-organized group to create a good form and means of training physical movements like jumps, turns and flips. The Aerial movement of classical dance involves high-flying dives, dexterous leaps and diverse spins. Movements, poses and gestures have an

important role in Chinese classical dance. The beauty of the Chinese classical dance emphasized the movement's fingers, hands, neck and head. The delicate movement of the dance form gives the effect of elegant and graceful gestures. Some basic movements are the cloud movement, sword movement and the hand-arm movement. The cloud movements make use of hands and arms, which swirl around like clouds in the upper torso. In the sword movements, the hands and arms sweep by the side of torso. It appears like protecting the body from an approaching enemy.

Movement of chi wu hands, lotus hands and butterfly hands forms the Gestures. The chi wu hands gesture shows the index fingers curled to touch the sky. Lotus hands gestures is form by curling the middle finger to touch the sky. A butterfly hands gesture include movement with palm facing downwards with the thumbs touching the middle finger.

The movement of foot too is important in creating a perfect classical dance. Heel-toe walking and Quick-steps make use of Heel-to-toe action. The movement takes place in the form of circle with upper body and heads titled towards the circle. The feet move in a heel-toe sideways and the dancers appears to float across the dance floor without bobbing up and down. The movement of head and eyes also plays an important part in the expression of meaning. Classical dance too make use of feather fans, long sleeves and sword to create an elegant dance. Stage props play a part in bringing an artistic communication. It combines with the beauty of dance and gives a pure aesthetic meaning.

Chinese classical dance is a rich expression of many feelings in a spontaneous way. It is rich in expression. The uniqueness of the dance form is that it has the power to show the vivid expressions of all ages and of all times. It is the co-ordination of the movements of the whole body. The movement of the body can convey meanings in a varied ways. �Yun �Man Great Turn' is a classical dance that involves high skilled air movements. �Shen Yun' makes use of rich body movements that express layers of meaning.

Classical dance requires a lot of physical training. The actions and movements of the body need to accurate and precise. Movement of one part of the body should lead to the movement of the entire body. The spiritual realm of the dancers reflects in the performance. The dancers need to perfect the art of technique, moral character and will power to perform a complete classical dance.

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