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The Chinese cultural festivals are an important part of its culture. It can be said that China is a land of festival and celebration because festivals are celebrated throughout the lunar year in Chinese calendar. The Cultural festivals show the richness of its tradition and the merry making of the people. Most of its Cultural festivals are celebrated in memory of their ancestors and for the prosperity of future. Chinese cultural festivals are an important part of Chinese culture.

The people celebrate a number of festivals on different occasions. Each festival is associated with the legends, beliefs and cultural value of the people. The spring festival is one of the main cultural festivals of the people. It is celebrated as a welcoming note to the New Year and a farewell of the old year. Apart from it, there are a number of festivals like the Mid-autumn festivals, Valentine festival, Qingming festival, Ghost festival, Lantern festival and so on. The Chinese cultural festival exposes a rich part of its cultural elements and serves as an important part of its culture.

The festivals of China highlights the beliefs, cultural taboos, religious ideas and cultural values of the Chinese. The festivals are a part of their history and have been a part of their long tradition. The festivals are also one of the main reasons that make the Chinese feel proud of their rich culture. Performing of rituals and preparation of symbolic foods is the priority in celebration of the festivals. The Dragon boat festivals, Winter solstice festival, Cheung Chau bun festival and double ninth festival are some of the Chinese festivals. The richness and the extensive Cultural festival show the importance of culture in the lives of the Chinese. It is an integral art of their culture and for the people.

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