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The Chinese culture has gave a unique contribution on various aspects of food like its characteristics, treatment of foods, variety in dishes and its presentation which enhances the appearance of the dishes. Chinese are a great lovers of food and they feel proud of their food culture. The Chinese food culture is as old as its culture and it is an inseparable part of its culture and people. Dinning etiquettes, the use of chopsticks, techniques of cooking and cutting show the greatness and popularity of Chinese food culture to the world.

Chinese have different food for different festivals. The specialty of celebration solely depends on the way food prepared and enjoyed by the people. Different kind of food is prepared on different festivals of China like the lantern festival, spring festival, winter solstice festival, laba festival, double ninth festivals and so on. The symbolic association of the food further enhances the taste of the food. Fish, duck, egg and chicken are some of the symbolic food of China that are served on special occasions in China. Chinese food culture represents an intensive view on its cultural elements. This is brought by the fact that food culture is also influenced by the Philosophical ideas of Confucius and the cultural elements of Yin and Yang.

The extensive and the vast region have given to a variety of cuisines in Chinese food culture. Eight cuisines namely the Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang and Shangdong created a remarkable history in its food culture of the Chinese. In addition to these eight cuisines, Chinese food is again classified into different types according to the ethnic minorities. The food of ancient China or the traditional China remains a great source in the richness of food. The northern, cantonese, eastern, central and western Cuisines are an innumerable part in Chinese food culture.

The Chinese food culture highlights the glorious and the extensiveness of the Chinese culture. Chinese food culture has been an integral part of its culture since time immemorial.

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