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Key Food of China

Chinese greets people with a general question like "Have you eaten". The main reason behind it is that they feel full stomach makes a person well and happy. Chinese considers food as more important compared with shelter and clothing. Food is vital to the life of the Chinese.

The agriculture of the Chinese has played a major role in their food culture. It is an important fact to know that China is one of the earliest parts of rice cultivation and one of the greatest producers of rice in the world. Rice is one of the essences of Chinese food and it is

compulsory to have rice in their meal. It is prepared by boiling or steaming with water. Chinese prepare a variety of food out of rice. A very fine example is the fried rice that is popular around the world and rice porridge. Chinese rice porridge is a famous dinning food. It is often use as a medicine by adding ingredients of therapeutic values. Rice is one of the vital foods of the Chinese.

Chinese noodles occupy the mind of the people around the world when it comes to favorite foods. Noodles in Chinese are an important part of their foods. Noodles were popular during the Sang Dynasty. Chinese noodles have different appearance and taste. Noodles can be as thick as chopsticks and sometimes it can be compared with a needle. The taste varies according to the ingredient and materials put in the preparation. Generally, noodles are served long in Chinese culture. The logic behind it is that long noodles symbolize longevity of life in Chinese culture.

Green Vegetables like mushroom, beans, peas and all green leaves occupy a secondary place in Chinese foods. A variety of food is also prepared from vegetables. Chinese make pickles from vegetables like turnip, cucumber and cabbage. Vegetables leaves are preserved to make snacks out of it. Chinese prefer to eat cooked vegetables as compared to the raw ones. It is also served with other foods like tofu, seafoods and soups.

Chinese are using soup since pre-ancient times, no history is available on soups. It is one of the most digestible and nutritious food of Chinese. Soups are made of different ingredients and it results different flavor. Chinese use edible fungus, meat, bones and eggs in its preparation. It is even served to cure cold and fever in ancient times. It is consumed for its taste and flavor as well as for medicine. It can be said the soup has a long history like that of the art of cooking in Chinese culture.

Chinese prefer to eat meat of all types like chicken, duck, pork, mutton, beef and many other meats of animals. Meat is prepared in a variety of ways like the one roast, fried, baked, pickled etc. It is a surprising fact that they eat almost all the part of animal. Beijing roast duck is one of the most famous dishes and Chinese considers it as a national food.

Fish, eggs and tofu are also essential foods included in Chinese foods. Fish is consumed throughout the regions of China and it is an important food in cultural festivals. Chinese eat eggs like that of quails, goose, duck, pigeon and chicken. Preserved eggs like century eggs and salted eggs are famous in Chinese food. Tofu is an ancient food prepared from soymilk and it is a popular food in ancient China.

It can be said that Chinese food is not only a contribution to their food Culture but its impact is seen throughout the world. Chinese food is a boon in disguise to the food world as a whole.

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