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Medical Cuisines in Chinese Food Culture

Chinese medical cuisines have a rich origin during the Han dynasty. These cuisines are delicious and they help to prevent the body from any foreign particle that is injurious to health. The impact of Chinese medical cuisines is so great that it has spread to the other parts of the world especially to the southeastern part of Asia.

Chinese medical Cuisines are categorized into four types according to the functions they perform in the body. They are healing Cuisines, health protection Cuisines, therapeutic cuisines and health protection cuisines. Healing Chinese

cuisine is used for regaining a proper health after a prolonged illness. This type of cuisines is prepared from the heart of sheep with rose or the braised mutton with angelica. Health protection cuisines are prepared from ingredients with a high nutritional value. Such foods mainly comprises of a variety of soups. A good example of this type of cuisine is the soup of almond and pumpkin. This specific medical cuisine helps to reduce the weight of body.

It makes use of herbs by applying the techniques of slow cooking like simmering, stewing and braising. A variety of ingredients like wine, sugar, honey, almonds peanuts and vinegars are used to get an effective result. A deep knowledge of food varieties is necessary in the preparation of Chinese medical cuisines.

Chinese therapeutic cuisines aim at the treatment of a particular disease or illness in the body. These Cuisines are prepared according to the nature of the illness. The high blood pressure in the body can be controlled by eating fried potatoes with vinegar. Carp soup with Tuckahoe increases the blood plasma of the body and reduces swell in the body. Prevention Cuisines as the name suggest acts a preventive agent in the body. Pears, lotus seeds, chestnuts, yam and lily acts in a dual manner. It can prevent the dryness of the body as well as it protects the body from coldness in winter. Mung bean soup helps in keeping the cold in the extreme hotness of summer.

The real Chinese medical cuisines include mutton soup, ginger soup, kidney of pigs stewed with Eucommia bark and soups of Chinese angelica roots.

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