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Traditional Food of China

Traditional foods were mainly served to honor Gods or some divine personalities according to Chinese history. This food is mainly eaten on New Year and on Cultural festivals.

The Chinese New year is a time to enjoy the taste of varieties of traditional foods. The "jai" is an important traditional food among Chinese food. It is a vegetarian food and it is prepared from the roots of vegetables or vegetable fibers like Lotus seed, bamboo shoots, dried bean curd, fresh bean curd, Ginkgo nut and black moss seaweed. This traditional food has a lot of symbolic meaning because each ingredient

carries some specific superstitious beliefs. The lotus seeds symbolize having many male offspring's, bamboo shoots symbolize a good wish for everything, dried beans symbolize fulfillment of wealth and happiness and the black moss seaweed symbolize increase in wealth.

Chinese dumpling is associated with a deep cultural meaning and it is a favorite food for Chinese. Its shape can be crescent or round and sometimes it can be a boiled type or a pan-fried one. The dumplings can be filled with either meat or vegetable and its taste can be sweet as well as savory. There is a number of its type depending on the ingredients and the manner it is prepared. The Chinese dumplings are a rich traditional food and a part of their cultural food. Dumpling is also a food for sending off friends and family members away. It is an important food in the Chinese culture.

The Jiaozi, potstickers and Gow Gees are some of its type that is widely enjoyed by the people as a traditional food. Jiaozi dumpling is crescent in shape and it is filled with either vegetables or meat according to the choice. The ingredient is covered with water and flour and it is thick as a wonton wrapper. It is usually a boiled type but can be also a pan-fried. The potstickers is pan-fried on the bottom and then steamed as a whole. The Gow Gees is similar with the type of jiaozi. The only difference is that the dumpling is to be cooked by steaming or deep-frying instead of boiling.

The Zongzi is also a traditional Chinese food that is served during the dragon boat festival. It is a glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in reed leaves or bamboo. The use of bamboo or reed leaves makes it different from other types of Chinese dumplings. The sweet red beans and the dry dates add to the flavor of it. The food is also related with the legend of "Qu Yuan", a famous poet in ancient China. It is one of the traditional foods in Chinese culture.

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