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Western Chinese Food

China has an extensive variety of food. The vast difference in food culture in different parts of China is brought by different regions with different sub-regions. It is interesting to know that different sub-regions in China have different food habits. Szechuan region in the western region of China is known as "Heaven on earth". This is because the region has a cold and humid climate which ultimately results in producing fertile soil. Here, most of the crops are available throughout the season.

A variety of vegetables in China is grown in its western region. Foods

are spicy and hot in this region. One of the striking features of Szechuan food is the generous use of chilies in most of its dishes. Szechuan people mostly eat mushrooms and fungi like wood ear and silver fungi as their basic foods. People believe that consuming chilly induces profuse perspiration and helps the body to keep cool. It also clears toxins from the body and maintains a good health. Spicy foods tantalize different flavors of the Szechuan Cuisine.

Crunchy and chewy foods are also one of the features of western Chinese Cuisine. A fine mixture of different ingredients in preparing dish is important in western Cuisine. Dishes are prepared mainly by frying with less use of sauce. People in western region do not consider the use of sauce as an important part of food. Cuisines in western region also make use of garlic, vinegar, sugar and chilies. Food preservation is famous in this region and it is because of warm and humid climate that makes difficult to preserve fresh foods. Some of its popular methods in preserving foods are drying, salting, pickling and smoking.

Szechuan Cuisine makes use of a variety of spices and ingredients to give a sensational taste to dish. They use different types of sugars like cane sugar, beetroot sugar and local fruits to add the sweetness in some dishes. Sour flavor comes from different varieties of vinegar and pickled vegetables. Szechuan Cuisine uses a special type of bitter melon that gives a taste of bitterness to the flavor of food. Salt is an important part in Szechuan Cuisine because it gives a unique flavor to any dish.

The sensation of taste is very important in western region. Taste like bitter, sour, pungent, sweet and salty marks its important characteristics. The balance of these elements in a dish differs accordingly to needs, desires as well as to the availability of food. Some of the famous foods in the region include "Hot and numbering fish", "Kung poa Chicken" and "Tea smoke duck", a favorite food in other Chinese region in which dish is prepared by smoking a duck over tealeaves.

Chinese western cuisines have a history of hundred years in its food culture. It has a rich traditional flavor shaped with its natural climate. It makes people to have its unique taste sensations. It is one of the favorite cuisines for hot and spicy lovers in the world.

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