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Chinese Horoscope : Dragon


The Dragon has such an assertive personality and so much will-power, and such a desire to succeed that he/she will often reach the top of his chosen profession. He/she has leadership qualities and will do well in positions where he/she can put his/her own ideas into use. Blessed is the boss who hires the Dragon and leaves him/her alone and lets him/her use his/her own judgment, talents and abilities. You will usually find the Dragon in a leadership role. He/she is the manager of his/her department, the owner of the business, the show-business star, the anchorman/woman of the news, or a successful politician. He/she can't be anything else but the best or die trying.

The Dragon believes in his/her own abilities and runs the risk of being over-confident. After all he/she can make errors like the rest of us but he/she just doesn't believe it. While this trait can be disastrous, that very same trait supplies the tenacity for the Dragon to bounce back and try again till he/she gets it right. That's why he/she is so often at the top.

The self-sufficient Dragon revels in his/her self-sufficiency and cherishes his/her independence so much that he/she, above all other signs , will sometimes remain single throughout his/her life. The Dragon loves the feeling of independence and freedom even if in the midst of a large family. If he/she marries at all, he/she will usually marry young. The Dragon is well suited to the Snake, Rat, Monkey and Rooster. The Rabbit, Pig, Horse and Goat will very much like the Dragon and will go against their own personality traits to join in with the Dragon on one of his/her escapades. Two Dragons will get along wonderfully, for each of them gives the other enough space and independence and fosters that all important feeling of freedom. The Ox and Dog will find the Dragon too impulsive and extroverted and though attracted to his/her good-looks, they will back off when the Dragon opens his/her mouth. The Tiger and Dragon are at odds with one another. Both are very strong-willed, and both insist on taking the lead. Both will speak their minds, regardless of the feeling of the other. A volatile match for friend or lover - it won't last.

In China, the leader of the carnival is most always the Dragon. He/she is blessed with the sign of luck. The Dragon is, by nature, physically attractive. He/she will be a beautiful baby, a cute child and an attractive adult without even trying. This is truly the lucky sign of the zodiac. Although his/her good looks will first attract people, his/her charisma and the self-confidence he/she exudes will hold their interest. He/she will have many friends and will nearly always be the center of attention. The female Dragon has an earthy, natural beauty, which exerts a sort of magnetism. The female Dragon and female Tiger will be the two most attractive women in any room. The female Tiger has a more sophisticated and pampered quality. Although the female Tiger will see the female Dragon as competition the Dragon innocently sees the Tiger as merely a friend she hasn't met as of yet.. Both the male and female Dragon enjoy being in the limelight and is often at his/her best when in a tight situation and confronted with difficult social problem. He/she always has an opinion and doesn't mind telling you what it is even if it's controversial. He/she is used to attracting attention from an early age and is at ease speaking to crowds whether from a podium or a bar stool. Whether speaking to ten people or ten million people, its all the same to him/her because of his/her self-confidence.

The Dragon is a traveler and likes it that way. The more exotic and off the beaten path a destination the more the Dragon will like it. The adventurous streak in the Dragon will take him/her to far away places most people don't even care to go. He/she is a good traveler except for his/her impatience. The Dragon hates delays and can get extremely upset and irritable over even the smallest of hold-ups. Since he/she lives for the moment, there is nothing that riles him/her more than to be kept waiting. He/she thinks life is a valuable gift and he/she wouldn't think of wasting a moment of it. Wasting his/her time is like robbing him/her of his most precious possession which he/she can never get back.

The Dragon has considerable energy and is not afraid of long hard work in order to achieve his/her goal. He/she doesn't even see it as working hard. It is merely what he must do to accomplish his/her goal. He/she is not one to dwell on the doing of the work for its own sake , but rather, will do his/her best at his work because he/she already envisions himself at the goal line. He has an ability to think nothing is impossible and visualize himself/herself successfully achieving his/her goal.

Because the Dragon is innately honest he/she thinks other people are as well. He/she takes people at their word and for such a sophisticated traveler and head for business, he/she is gullible and can easily be duped. If he/she discovers that his/her trust has been abused or been played for a fool, he/she can sometimes become very bitter and he/she will carry a grudge for a lifetime. He/she is clever and intelligent and will make a formidable enemy if provoked. Luckily it is hard to provoke him/her, for it must be a serious betrayal. He/she is somewhat of a perfectionist and the same high standards he/she holds for himself/herself he/she also holds for others..He/she is quick to criticize and cannot understand the concept of not having a constant goal to work toward, whether it be self-improvement through wealth, travel, education, or experience. He/she is determined and ambitious. He/she is a proud character and very lively. No moss grows on this rolling stone.

Dragon Love

You have an impressive presence and it is not unusual for you to have a string of admirers who are drawn by your charisma.

You are attractive and know how to charm, so before long your partner will be under your spell. It is easy for you for find romance, but hard for you to settle down - numerous love affairs are not uncommon for those born in the Year of the Dragon. You do not set out to conquer someone romantically and then leave them for a new challenge, it is just that you are disappointed when you uncover weakness. You are frustrated by emotional over-dependence or indecision, and will eventually set off in search of a new and exciting romance.

At one level love is a game, and you rarely yearn for the past or harbor regrets. The same cannot be said for your ex-lovers who may carry a torch for you long after the romance is over. You need someone who gives you the space to express yourself - to impress and to perform - someone who plays and active role but yet is not threatened by your exuberance.

Dragon Career

You enjoy positions of responsibility and your presence does command attention. You know how to gain respect, and being in charge or giving orders comes naturally; fortunately, most people accept your authority. It is important for you to have new challenges and freedom of movement; when you feel trapped by your career or at the mercy of other people's decisions you are likely to pack your bags and leave.

You are an able and intelligent worker and have strong opinions on the planning and execution of projects. If there is room for doubt hold back, seek advice or wait until you are certain that the conditions are right. You have good leadings, but your energy can be overwhelming. In your planning you have to allow for the fact that some colleagues cannot match your pace, even though they may be inspired by your ideas.

You are suited to a career in law, religion or the arts. You would also be a good manager, entrepreneur, doctor or actor.

Dragon Personality

You have a natural charisma and it is unlikely that you would fade into the background or escape unnoticed at a party. You are lively company, interested in the world around you and excited by new possibilities. You have great energy and self-confidence and know how to create an impression. Many dragon people are exhibitionists, full of energy and enthusiasm; they are also proud, which is sometimes interpreted by onlookers as arrogance. It is true that you are sure of yourself and enjoy being the center of attention, but you also have a brave and charitable side to your character. If a friend is faced by a problem or dilemma you sill be there to offer help, and when others might withdraw you will step forward to help resole the situation with authority and dignity. In fact, you apply yourself whole-heartedly to most situations and if you become frustrated with others it is only because they do not have your stamina or skills. You demand high standards of yourself and are surprised when others cannot keep up with you; in your drive to complete the task you fail to see their weaknesses.

The Chinese say that heaven and earth are balanced in the life of someone born in this year, and success certainly seems to follow you. You are decisive and frank, capable and also lucky. As well as being blessed with good fortune, you are also an able judge of situations, stepping in at the right moment with an exciting or creative scheme. You can be quick-tempered and obstinate, and sometimes too outspoken, but there is usually good advice in your criticisms or suggestions. You believe that you are acting with good intentions and are confident of a positive outcome, and more often than not events work out as you hoped.

Famous Dragons

Jenny Agutter, Jeffrey Archer, Roseanne Arnold, Joan Baez, Count Basie, Neneh Cherry, Julie Christie, James Coburn, Bing Crosby, Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin, Susen Dey, Neil Diamond, Matt Dillon, Christian Dior, Fats domino, Placido domingo, Faye Dunaway, Prince Edward, Adam Faith, Bruce Forwyth, James Garner, Che Guevara, David Hasselhoff, Tom Jones, Eartha Kitt, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Lee Majors, Francois Mitterrand, Bob Monkhouse, Florence Nightingale, Al Pacino, Elaine Paige, Gregory Peck, Richard Pryor, Christopher Reeve, Cliff Richard, Mel Smith, Ringo Starr, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Mr. T, Shirley Temple, Raquel Welch, Mae West, Frank Zappa.

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