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Chinese Horoscope : Ox


The Ox is sincere, loyal and unpretentious. He/she is very down-to earth character who is reserved and may appear aloof to others. The Ox has a quiet nature, but lurking within are tremendous amounts of ambition and drive that nobody suspects is there.Beneath the surface he/she is very strong-willed and likes to have his/her way. He/she is courageous and is ready to fight for what he/she believes is right regardless that the consequences to himself/herself could be disastrous. He/she does not make a show of his/her courage and inner strength but somehow people who get to know him/her admire these traits. They admire his/her strong and resolute manner as well as his/her courage. He/she would make an excellent military soldier if only there wasn't so much moving and change involved.

The Ox is born under the sign of tenacity and eveness. An Ox is a conscientious worker and tackles each job in a methodical and determined manner. He/she has a tough and uncompromising nature which can be bad or good depending on his/her judgment. Stubbornness and obstinance are in the fore front of his/her personality. The Ox usually gets his/her own way but can be a poor loser should things go against him/her. He/she will take any defeat very badly because of his/her serious nature. He/she knows what his/her life goals are. This is not a person who is confused by life but one who will not be deflected from his/her path.

The Ox has a high degree of responsibility and takes his/her duties very seriously. He/she is sincere and places trust in his/her friends and colleagues. His/her friends admires his/her quiet fortitude but wish that this loner would open up and reveal himself/herself a little more. The Ox is his/her own person and will not be swayed by peer pressure as a child, teen or adult. He/she has the courage to be his/her own person even if it is different from the crowd.

By nature the Ox has a calm and tranquil personality but can have an awful temper if he/she feels his/her trust has been trampled on. Not particularly renowned for his sense of humor the Ox is more of a studious deep-thinker. He/she likes things to be familiar and doesn't seek out travel, new fads, gimmicks, or anything too innovative. He/she is a traditionalist who prefers the conventional norm. Subsequently his/her home is a very important place to him/her. It is his/her private sanctuary and he/she prefers his/her family to stay close around him/her. His/her home is neat and organized although he/she is a hoarder and he/she expects his family to tow the line in neatness and punctuality. Better not keep him/her waiting for no good reason or you will witness his/her temper first hand.

Being a settled country gentleman with a large garden to tend, a house to take care of and a family would suit the Ox to a tee. No job or house change is in his/her plans once he/she is settled. He/she will make friends but it will take a long time to establish a friendship . His/her courtship will be a long one to find his/her life mate but once found he/she will be a devoted, loyal and hard working husband/wife. The Ox is well-suited to the Rat, Rabbit, Snake and Rooster. He/she could also get along with the Monkey, Dog, Pig and another Ox. He/she will have nothing in common with the whimsical Goat and he/she will find it hard to get along with Horse, Dragon, and Tiger. The Ox prefers a quiet and peaceful existence and these three signs tend to be too impulsive, loud, and lively for his/her liking.

A more dependable and dedicated individual you will never find and he/she will usually do well in his/her chosen career. Because of the Ox's tenacity he/she does well in agriculture and careers which take years of specialized training such as surgeons and engineers. The Ox loves music , perhaps it appeals to his/her internal philosophizing, and many Oxes have enjoyed considerable success as composers. The Ox is not an outgoing people person , and his/her career choices usually reflect this fact. Nonetheless, he/she inspires confidence and trust and people love feeling safe around him/her. Although he/she doesn't seek out admirers, the Ox has many , but he/she just doesn't know it.

Ox Love

You are gently and open with the right partner, and will thrive on strong love and support. But in the search for a compatible relationship you have to tread cautiously since you are easily hurt.

Not driven by romance, you have to be persuaded to accept invitations, to experiment with your appearance and to be more adventurous in general.

Your ideal partner is truthful and gentle but knows how to cajole and tease you. Although there may be times when you misinterpret light-hearted remarks or fail to see the humour in a situation, with a little encouragement and reassurance you will find that you are able to throw off your worries and you can begin to enjoy yourself. Your ideal partner also has the enthusiasm to introduce you to new interests but at the same time will not take risks that threaten your security. You can tolerate weaknesses in your partner, and when there are emotional upheavals you will consider whether the blame lies with you; However, you do find it hard to forgive if you have been deceived.

Ox Career

If you feel that projects are being finalized or decisions made with insufficient attention to detail, it will not be long before you express your concern. You approach work seriously and as long as you are not forced into the public eye you are able to think clearly and plan meticulously. Your reactions may be a little on the slow side, but you are a skilled organizer and logical thinker, and as the years pas your determination is likely to be rewarded.

You are able to accept authority and are comfortable in a working environment as long as you know that the business is established on firm foundations. You prefer to know your schedule or timetable and although you can rise to challenges and, to some extent, deal with the unpredictable, you would rather be well informed and work within a fixed framework.

You are suited to a career in farming, gardening, estate management, medicine or religion. You would also make a good philosopher, teacher, chef or member of the police force.

Ox Personality

You have a quiet and steady nature and are perseverant even in the most trying circumstances; because once you have made a commitment you keep your word.

You need peace and quiet to work through your ideas, and when you have set your mind on something it is hard for you to be convinced otherwise. Your plans and ideas are built on firm ground - you are unlikely to be swept off your feet by fascinating but unrealistic schemes - and your logical approach often pays off in the long term. You are well measured in your judgments and are wary of excitable or unpredictable behavior, but sometimes you are so set in your opinions that it does prejudice your actions. Underneath your calm exterior you can be as stubborn and hotheaded as an ox if pushed against your will or forced to change your position. You then need to be left alone to regain your composure, and others are advised to keep clear during this cooling-off period.

You are not extravagant, and the thought of living off credit cards or being in debt makes you nervous - indeed, the possibility of taking a serious risk could cause you many sleepless nights. You are truthful and sincere, and the idea of wheeling and dealing in a competitive world is distasteful to you - in face, people born in the ox years are rarely driven by the prospect of financial gain. You are well liked because of your honesty and patience, and your close friends appreciate the fact that you are rather introverted and wary of new trends, although every now and then you can be encouraged to try something new. When you are secure in your environment you are sociable and relaxed, but occasionally a dark cloud looms over you and you take on the worries of the world, mulling over the problems you see and trying to find solutions.

Famous Oxen

Johann Sebastian Bach, Warren Beatty, Jon Bon Jovi, Jeff Bridges, King Carlos of Spain, Barbara Cartland, Charlie Chaplin, Natalie Cole, Bill Cosby, Tom Courtenay, Tony curtis, Walt Disney, Patrick Duffy, Jane Fonda, Gerald Ford, Edward Fox, Michael J. Fox, Peter Gabriel, Richard Gere, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariel Hemingway, Robert Hardy, Nigel Havers, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Billy Joel, Don Johnson, B.B. King, Mark Lemmon, Alison Moyet, Eddie Murphy, Napoleon, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Steiger, Meryl Streep, Elaine Stritch, Loretta Swit, Mary Tyler Moore, Lady Thatcher, Twiggy, Dick Van Dyke, the Princess of Wales, Zoe Wanamaker, Barbara Windsor.

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