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Chinese Horoscope : Pig


The Pig is born under the sign of honesty. He/she is very popular with others and enjoys other peoples's company. He/she is a joiner and likes clubs and societies. He/she will be a loyal member and will never shirk his duty as a club member. He/she is an excellant fundraiser and loves to be involved with charity work and humanitarian groups.

The Pig is a hard worker and is well respected for his integrity, honesty, and reliability. People recognize these traits in the Pig and he/she is valued for them at his/her work place. He/she is known for his/her unselfish giving of time and energies to anyone who needs them. He/she is a kind and understanding person who is known for his/her peace-maker abilities. He/she tries to avoid discord and unpleasantness and always strives for a peaceful solution to problems. He/she hates falsehood and deception and will not tolerate injustice or illegal pursuits. However his/her forgiving nature makes him/her a liberal when it comes to law and order issues. He/she is never vindictive and will forgive and forget very easily.

The Pig has such a generous nature that he/she is an easy mark for those who will take advantage of a generous person. He/she is rather naive and gullible and can be taken by unscrupulous persons. If this happens it causes the Pig to wise up and learn from his/her mistakes. He/she will become more self-reliant from this experience and a little less trusting, which will be a good thing. The Pig has a hard time saying "no", because he simply wants to help everyone. He/she loves to entertain and to please others. The Pig may become a famous show-biz personality, not for the money or fame but because he/she wants to bring pleasure to others through his/her talent. One characteristic trait of the Pig is his/her tendency to become a fan. He/she likes to follow the careers and lives of the famous. The loyal Elvis fan who treks to Graceland is most probably a Pig.

The Pig tends to spend his/her money and not worry about it. He/she likes luxury and doesn't mind paying for it. He/she works hard but likes to play hard also. The Pig knows how to have a good time and is a pleasure-seeker. He/she is a lover of good food and wine and knows all the best restaurants. He/she has always recovered quickly from set-backs so the reasons he/she will bounce back financially as well. He/she has great faith that everything will work out in the long run because it has in the past. Once he/she has made up his/her mind, nothing can change it and he can be quite stubborn at times.

The Pig loves creature comforts and will have a home that is geared toward this end. He/she will have the latest appliances and electronic equipment to make his/her life more enjoyable. He/she prefers the country instead of town and prefers small intimate parties that center around food rather than big social events. The Pig loves to garden and is good at it. He/she will expend lots of time and evergy in his/her garden and be very proud of it. There is no in-between with the Pig in regards to housekeeping. The Pig is either an organized and tidy housekeeper or his/her home is a disorganized mess.

The Pig is popular with the opposite sex and will date a lot before settling down. He/she makes a loyal spouse and is protective of his/her children. The Pig can get along with almost anyone but not the Snake. The Snake tends to be wiley, secretive and distrusting. These are traits the Pig cannot accept. The Snake does not like the Pig any more that the Pig likes the Snake. They will irritate one another. The Pig is well liked and affable and can maintain friendships with almost all the Chinese Zodiac signs. He/she will have many admirers, friends and will help others. People will be better off for knowing the Pig.

Pig Love

You need to experiment and discover romance before you can be sure that you have found the right partner. You put your trust in relationships, and some partners take advantage of your apparent naivety.

But you are also a good learner and pick yourself up and start again - it is rare for you ever to feel defeated by a relationship.

Your partner may not realize it, but you are a good observer, making a mental note of what is said or done; though you might appear to be in a dream, you have simply chosen not to comment. You are tolerant, and will allow your partner the freedom that you also need, but this has to rest on an affectionate and trustworthy footing. Your lively imagination and enthusiasm soon draws admirers who share your sense of fun, as well as recognize your more sensitive and serious nature. Once a relationship is established, you trust that the love and affection you give will be returned - and it usually is. However, your partner should also be careful not to continually demand your emotional attention in case you feel trapped.

Pig Career

You are not an ambitious person and are quite happy keeping equilibrium between work and your personal life. Power is not really on your agenda, and it is rare for you to backstab or betray a colleague. You are naturally hard working and approach tasks seriously and efficiently. In fact, you work well on co-operative projects since they give you a forum to share your ideas.

You like to assess how much work is in front of you and then take it step by step, progressing slowly but surely. Risks make you nervous and you tend to err on the safe side, but if you do gamble do not expect to reap huge profits. You are a keen learner, and most pig people are also avid readers, which makes them suited to reflective, studious jobs. But there is also a side to your character that needs human contact, and your patience and kindness are qualities ideal for caring careers.

You are suited to a career in medicine, law or music. You would also make a good writer, researcher, scientist, gardener/landscape artist, librarian or social worker.

Pig Personality

You are well liked for your honesty and affectionate nature, and when others disappear you are often there to offer support. You are initially reserved with strangers, but as time passes and you gain confidence they will discover a lively and warm-hearted disposition. Although your circle of friends and acquaintances is wide, it is only your close friends who share your inner thoughts and feelings. There is an innocence and naivety to your character, which is combined with an eagerness for new places and experiences. Sometimes this excitability can land you in hot water when you unwittingly say or do something inappropriate, but more often than not you are forgiven since you rarely go out of your way to hurt somebody else. You are not a vengeful person, and if someone has taken advantage of you, you tend to withdraw to reflect on the problem and protect yourself. Given time to consider the events, you usually find a constructive way to respond.

There is a tolerant and peaceful side to your character, and you allow others their freedom of expression; you do not want to cause an argument any more than be the subject of one. You are not weak, however, and if you have to fight you will rise to the occasion, whether it is to defend yourself or someone else. People think you are a dreamer, and at times you are, but you are also sharp enough to realize what is going on. Your reputation is important to you, and although you are happy to be the target of gentle jokes, you are easily hut when someone unjustly accuses you or is openly vindictive.

You travel optimistically, hoping to find the best in people - and they sense it. You often find a warm welcome because you are willing to adjust and adapt, and you rarely criticize unless you really feel it is justified.

Famous Pigs

Bryan Adams, Woody Allen, Julie Andrews, Fred Astaire, Sir Richard Attenborough, Lucille Ball, Bobby Davro, Humphrey Bogart, Richard Chamberlain, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Close, Noel Coward, the Dalai Lama, Sheena Easton, Emmylou Harris, Ernest Hemingway, Henry VIII, King Hussein of Jordan, Elton John, Carl Gustav Jung, Nastassja Kinski, Kevin Kline, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Marie Osmond, Luciano Pavorotti, Prince Rainer of Monaco, Ronald Reagan, Lee Remick, Ginger Roger, Peter Sampras, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Emma Thompson, Topol, Michael Winner, Tracey Ullman, the Duchess of York.

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