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Chinese Horoscope : Tiger


The Tiger is born under the sign of courage. He/she is very quick-witted and alert and always on top of things. An original thinker, the Tiger is always brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm for some new scheme or project. The Tiger has tremendous energy and is a very charismatic figure. The female Tiger is usually known for her well-groomed appearance. Never a hair out of place, always the most stylish clothes, the female Tiger is always one of the most attractive women in the room. The female Dragon will be her competition in the looks department, but unlike the female Dragon, who exudes an earthy natural beauty, the Tiger will exude a more sophisticated and pampered kind of beauty. Unlike the Dragon, the Tiger knows she is beautiful and revels in it. Many models are born under the Tiger sign. Both the male and female tigers are charismatic figures and are not afraid to voice their firm views and opinions.

The Tiger adores a challenge and competition. He/she is prepared to take risks in business as well as his/her love life if something catches his/her imagination. He/she will risk everything for what attracts his/her fancy. He/she will not be bound by convention or the dictates of others. It is not surprising to see the Tiger cast off his job , position or marriage in order to go off and do what he/she wants to do. The Tiger has a restless nature and will experience freedom at all costs. Once the Tiger has acquired this new life, new romance, new thing that was so tantalizing to him/her, he/she will soon tire of it and cast it away. It is imperative for the Tiger to continue having the feeling that he/she is free to do as he/she wishes. He/she loves challenges and sometimes the "getting" of the thing he/she has gone after is the best part of the experience for him/her. The chase is the "thing". Once the thing has been "gotten" the allure is no longer there. The Tiger is so impulsive that he/she himself/herself regrets his/her own impulsiveness, but he/she cannot help himself/herself. He/she is quick to act on those yearnings which engulf him/her. It is difficult for the restless Tiger to enjoy a great deal of success because he/she never sticks to anything long enough to accomplish the goal in which he/she sets for himself.

Because of constant change in his/her life it is a good thing that he/she is adaptable. He/she has an adventurous spirit and doesn't want to settle in one place for any length of time. In the early stages of life, The Tiger most likely will change career paths several times, his/her jobs, his/her residences and his/her romances. The Tiger is surprisingly honest and forthcoming in his/her dealings with the people in his/her life. He/she will not sneak out of a job or relationship. He/she will confront the people to be told and tell them he/she is moving on. He/she sees nothing wrong with this behavior and thus is not ashamed of living his/her life according to his/her own wishes. Courage comes into play again as the Tiger faces life head on. He/she hates any sort of hypocrisy or falsehood and doesn't see why people have to lie to each other. He/she can be rebellious especially against any form of petty authority. The Tiger never avoids his God-given right to stand up for himself/herself and express his/her opinions. If someone must be confronted, the Tiger doesn't shirk his duty from lack of courage. This tendency can make him/her a natural leader and his/her adaptability could make him/her a natural for the armed services if he/she could avoid feelings of rebelliousness for authority. Very few are to found in the military due to the failure of the Tiger to obey orders.

The Tiger is independent and rarely asks help from others. He/she does not like to give others credit for his/her accomplishments and doesn't suffer from false humbleness. He/she is too honest for that. He/she is generous and a little too much of a spendthrift.

The Tiger tries to exude an image, one of attractiveness, dignity,and authority. He/she wants people to know he/she is "somebody" and enjoys being treated as special or as a V.I.P. He/she cares for his/her reputation but will risk it all to find happiness. The Tiger often marries young and will find his closest match with the Pig, Dog, Horse and Goat. He can get along with the Rat, Rabbit, and Rooster but will find the Ox and Snake too serious and confining for his/her liking. Just being around a Monkey will irritate him/her - too mischievous and inquisitive. A Tiger simply cannot get along with another Tiger. He cannot stand a Dragon either for the fact both will want to dominate the relationship and will find it impossible to compromise on even the smallest thing.

It is hard to believe that anyone has ever been bored by a Tiger. Just watching this honest and courageous person lead his/her wild and energetic life is a source of inspiration for others.

Tiger Love

Your enthusiasm for life spills over into your relationships, and it is not unusual for you to flit from one partnership into another, inspired by each one. You are excited by the possibilities that each relationship presents and are carried along by the first rush of romance, but eventually, when boredom or predictability sets in, you will be off in search of a new partner. Even when romance collapses around you, you may be feeling low for a while, but you will soon regain energy in pursuit of a new partnership.

People with an independent character attract you: although they may be stimulated by your company and admire your energy, they can still manage without you. A relationship with someone who shares your sense of adventure though still pursues their own interests is more likely to succeed. You are not afraid to declare your feelings and are honest with your emotions, but you are also changeable. You need a partner who remains steady and constant, and quietly pursues their own plans.

Tiger Career

Optimism, determination and initiative are your strong points. You can be inspired by people or places, a chance remark or something you have unexpectedly seen, and then you head off with an infectious enthusiasm. Some of these projects will succeed because you have the drive to see them through to the end and you are an efficient and stimulating leader. You do not, however, deal well with failure and are embarrassed when colleagues discover that you have misjudged situations.

When you are making plans you are not sidetracked by the trivial and usually avoid elaborate arrangements - you prefer tackling the job directly than creating an unnecessary fuss. Your ability to cut through the side issues and your energetic response to challenges will serve you well in your career. The appeal of work for you is generally in the excitement and the quality, not the profit.

You are suited to a career in travel, design or politics. You would also make a good soldier, police officer, travel writer, explorer, and advertising or business executive.

Tiger Personality

You enjoy life and are excited by new challenges, unusual places, and unexpected events. Your positive attitude is attractive to others, and your enthusiasm and will to succeed easily draw a following. Your determination is not always enough to see you through and you do not like to lose face or be seen to fail; more than likely you will find a new challenge and start over again.

Your attention is caught by the unpredictable, and while others may be cautious, you are not afraid to explore the potential in unlikely situations. Simply being told that something is exciting is usually not sufficient for you - what you really need is first-hand experience. You have a generous nature and involve friends in your plans, but if threatened you are likely to withdraw and you can be aggressive when trapped. As soon as you have regained your sense of security your confidence also returns, enabling you to set out on your adventures once more.

You trust your instincts and usually follow them, although there is a more objective side to your nature, which assesses situations thoughtfully. Occasionally you will be hurt along the way by putting your trust too firmly in the wrong person, yet at other times you can be too critical or suspicious. If you have been disappointed or disillusioned you eventually pick yourself up, dust yourself down and head off on a new road.

While your friends admire your optimism, at times they may find it hard to share your enthusiasm, and those who cannot challenge or charm may be pushed to one side. You are an exciting courageous and generous friend, but if you do not achieve what you want you can also be obstinate and self-centered. Inevitably there will be highs and lows in your friendships, but deep down your loyalty remains firm.

Famous Tigers

Sir David Attenborough, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Beethoven, Tony Bennett, Chuch Berry, Richard Branson, Garth Brooks, Mel Brooks, Agatha Christie, Phil Collins, Jason Connery, Gemma Craven, Tom Cruise, Emily Dickenson, Roberta Flack, Jodie Foster, Connie Francis, Crystal Gayle, Susan George, Elliott Gould, Buddy Greco, Willia Hurt, Derek Jacobi, Dorothy Lamour, Stan Laurel, Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, The Queen, Oliver Reed, Lionel Richie, Diana Rigg, Kenny Rogers, The Princess Royal, Sir Jimmy Saville, Phillip Schoefield, Pamela Stephenson, Dame Joan Sutherland, Dylan Thomas, Liv Ullman, John Voigt, Julie Walters, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, Terry Wogan, Stevie Wonder.

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