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Horoscope in Chinese Culture

Chinese give utmost importance to horoscope. It is based on the Chinese astronomy developed during Han dynasty and Chinese calendar. The horoscope in Chinese culture is very different from the western concept of horoscope. It is associated with the Chinese philosophical ideas. It is based on the belief that the position of the planet and the time of birth determine the destiny of a person.

The Chinese Horoscope is based on twelve animals. This includes rabbit, ox, rat, snake, rooster, pig, dog, dragon, monkey, tiger, horse and ram. The signs are assigned according to the day, month as well as the hour of birth. The sign also depends on the calendar year in which a person is born. It identifies the personality of an individual and describes every aspect of their lives. The signs are further classified into elements like wood, metal, fire, water and earth. The five elements are associated with the five planets, Jupiter for wood, Venus for metal, mars for fire, mercury for water and Saturn for earth.

The characteristic of rabbit is determined as ambitious, talented, affectionate, uncomplicated and attractive to the opposite sex. The Ox is a peace-loving, conservative, independent, gentle, un-romantic who readily accepts people for what they are. The rat is a creative who possess a high imaginative power but lavish in financial matters.

The Snake as the name suggest is sometimes feared, passionate, intellectual and quick witted. They possess a powerful skill of gathering information and with good analytical skills. Females belonging in this group are noted for their beauty with brain. A person born in the sign of rooster are generally talented, deep thinkers and capable of doing things with ease. However, they are timid in nature and always keep themselves at the right side. They can be selfish, pretending to be adventurous but lonely in reality.

The pigs are chivalrous and gallant in nature. They are honest with great fortune. They have limited friends but it remained for a lifetime. They are loyal and hate to argue or quarrel. They have a great thirst for knowledge and are compatible with rabbits and sheep. The sign of dogs possess the best quality in human nature. They are honest, loyal and make good leaders. Their negative trait is marked with their stubbornness, eccentric and selfish nature.

Dragon people are sensitive, honest, and brave. They have confidence and trust. They are financially independent and neither put honey on their tongue. Their negativity is marked with their stubborn and short- temper. The sign of monkey people stands for flexibility, skillful and cleverness. They have good common sense and are capable of making good decisions. However, these people have a tendency to look down on others.

Tigers are sensitive in nature, deep thinkers and have a feeling of great sympathy for others. However, they are suspicious in nature and they can turn out to be short tempered. They are courageous and powerful and enjoy respect from others. People that belong to the horse group are famous, cheerful, skillful with money, and perceptive but they are impatient and hot- blooded in nature. Ram people are generally shy, pessimistic and puzzled about life. They are highly accomplished in arts and are religious.

Horoscope in Chinese culture elaborates everything from love life, health, friendship, personality, and finance to every aspect of a person life. There are numerous explanations of horoscope in Chinese culture. The horoscope in Chinese culture is intensely followed and has many believers.

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