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Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integral part of Chinese culture.It has made great contributions to the prosperity of China. Today both of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine are being used in providing medical and health services in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its unique diagnostic methods, systematic approach, abundant historical literature and materials, has attracted many attentions from the international community. Traditional Chinese Medicine is well recognized for its remarkable effectiveness in off setting the side effect caused by the toxic and chemical treatment of cancer cases in the western medical system.

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine is under the administration of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology. Traditional Chinese Medicine and its development are regulated. National strategies, law and regulations governing Traditional Chinese Medicine are now in place to guide and promote the research and development in this promising industry.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is defined as a medical science governing the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. It includes Chinese medication, pharmacology/herbalogy, acupuncture, massage and Qigong.

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