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Significance of Flowers in Chinese Culture

Flowers are an incredible part in the Chinese culture. Its beauty lies in the fact that it serves as a means of communication in the lives of the people. A deep knowledge of the Chinese culture gives a clear idea about the importance of flower in their lives. It serves as a language that carries a positive message and plays an important role in the day-to-day life of the common people.

The plum blossom has been a favorite throughout the history in Chinese culture. The flower blooms in the extreme coldness of winter. The beauty of the flower brings the qualities of solidity and firmness. In

the Chinese literature, the flower is often compared with the beauty of human personality.

The lotus is referred as the "lianhua" and "Shuizhi" in the Chinese culture. It is one of the ancient flowers in the history of china. Flower has an important role in the Buddhist religion in china. The literature of Buddhism in china is named as the "lotus literature". The lotus is believed to be pure and divine. The dwellings of the Buddhist are also named after the flower as "lotus dwellings". The lotus stands for the four virtues in the Buddhist religion.

The flower "narcissus" is believed to have supernatural power in the Chinese cultural beliefs. The flower is used for religious practices and purposes like to cast off the evil spirits and for exorcism. The Chinese also believe that the flower has the potential to bring a death back to life. It is also called as "Fairy over ripples". They also have medicinal use. Chinese rose can remove bruises; the flower of plum can cure cough, heat and diarrhea, lotus can cure sunstroke and chrysanthemum can cure cold.

Flowers and floral arrangement symbolizes love, joy, life, fertility and happiness. Chinese also associate different meaning with different flowers. However, white color flowers should be avoided, as it is a sign of death. The love pea conveys the meaning of love sickness and a yellow rose symbolize victory. The Azalea symbolizes homecoming and also represents elegant and wealth. Flower like "chrysanthemum" is good to give to the aged people because it symbolizes a strong life. Orchids are the most popular flower in the Chinese weddings as it symbolizes love and fertility. Decorations of the wedding with red flowers give the meaning of a happy and a great life as red has always been an important color in Chinese culture.

There are some types of flowers, which carries a negative meaning in Chinese culture. A fine example is the "Duck weed" a kind of floating flower with no roots. It stands in contrast with the Chinese culture, which is placed on unity and harmony. A flower with thorns and thistles is an indication of pain and unhappiness in life.

It can be said that china is a culture of flowers. Each flower has a unique meaning of its own. The Chinese value flowers as much as the westens and it has a deep meaning in their culture.

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